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    Now, biology inherits and possesses the advantages and traditions of international companies. At the same time, it also has its own distinct personality. Our name, Elmer, consists of two dissimilar roots. Inheritance represents the germination and convergence of forces. It means "bringing ideas and products together". Although today is a young company, the industry tradition can be traced back nearly 100 years. We are proud that these traditions and milestones have helped us achieve global leadership now and in the future.
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Today Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer and service provider of specialty fertilizers. By helping partners to use existing resources more efficiently, it can improve global food and vegetable safety. The company uses two core technologies: For Technology and Pro soil technology to develop and produce Elmer agricultural brand series products. By creating world-class technology and innovation, we are committed to improving the use of crop nutrition. We promise to continuously innovate and provide high-end services to the world. Energetic products, improve the diversity of crop quality.

     Nowadays, biology, mainly related to soil-friendly technology and growth-promoting technology, drip irrigation fertilizer with soil-friendly function and high permeability foliar fertilizer are developed by using unique fungi and bacteria (Trichoderma Echinococcus and Bacillus amylolytica) co-fermentation process in the same tank to develop the world-leading JZ220 microbial agent plus high-quality deep-sea bubbles in the Atlantic Ocean. JZ Bioorganic Fertilizer Made from Leaf Algae Extract and JM Bioorganic Fertilizer Made from High Quality Small Molecular Organic Material. We have core technology and formula to serve Chinese agriculture.
JinZhao Biotechnology co., LTD.
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